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Free Tick Treatment with Every External Spider Spray or Rodent Job

As a special offer for our valued customers, we are giving away a free tick treatment with every external spider spray or rodent treatment. Get rid of spiders, rodents, and ticks in one go, save time and money in the process.

How to claim the offer?

To claim this offer, simply book an external spider spray or rodent job with us and mention the code “TICKFREE” when you make your appointment. This offer is valid until December 31, 2023, and it is subject to availability and terms and conditions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a free tick treatment with every external spider spray or rodent job and enjoy a pest-free and tick-free home and yard. Contact us today to book your service and claim your offer.

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Pest Controller
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Spider Control and Management

Make sure the property is clear of rubbish and obvious places spiders can use as shelter.

What will we do if you have a spider problem?

After an initial inspection, we can outline our preferred solution.

This will usually entail spraying of affected areas with effective non-toxic chemicals that are approved by state and national regulators that are approved for the purpose.

Depending on the circumstances, we can make recommendations on other changes that will help to prevent spiders from entering your home.

Rats, Rodents, and Mice Control

To ensure your home or business is rodent-free, engage a pest control professional to conduct a thorough inspection.

Our friendly Mr. Pest Controller technicians are experts in locating entry points & getting your rodent problem under control.

All treatments carried out by Mr. Pest Controller meet the strict health regulations of the Australian Government.

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100% Guaranteed Work

All our work is covered with a full guarantee.
Our technicians are highly trained professionals and are fully insured.

Our technicians also take extra care to ensure all health and safety precautions are taken, especially when there are pets or children on the premises.

This provides that extra peace of mind you need to know that you are in safe hands.

3-Fold Assurance

All our work is covered with a full guarantee.

  • We Provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Chemicals Used Are Non-toxic, Child & Pet Friendly
  • Australian Owned & Operated

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How to Protect Your Home and Family from Ticks in Sydney

Ticks are tiny blood-sucking parasites that can cause serious health problems for humans and animals. They can transmit diseases such as Australian Tick Typhus, Flinders Island Spotted Fever, and Lyme disease, as well as cause tick paralysis and severe allergic reactions.

Ticks are especially active in humid, moist, and bushy areas, and Sydney is one of the hotspots for tick infestation in Australia. If you live in Sydney or visit the city frequently, you need to be aware of the risks and take precautions to prevent tick bites and infections. Here are some tips to help you protect your home and family from ticks in Sydney:

  • Check yourself, your family members, and your pets for ticks every day, especially after spending time outdoors in wooded or grassy areas. Use a fine-toothed comb or tweezers to remove any ticks you find, and wash the bite area with soap and water. If you experience any symptoms such as fever, rash, headache, joint pain, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Inspect your home for any cracks, gaps, or holes that may allow ticks or their hosts to enter. Seal them with caulk, mesh, or foam. Use screens on your windows and doors, check them regularly for any damage. Vacuum your carpets, rugs, furniture, and bedding frequently, and wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat.
  • Ticks can transmit various diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis. The risk of disease transmission depends on the type of tick and geographic location.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, and shoes when you go outside, and tuck your pants into your socks. Choose light-coloured clothing to make it easier to spot ticks. Apply insect repellent that contains DEET or picaridin to your skin and clothing and avoid walking through tall grass or brush.
  • Keep your lawn mowed, your garden trimmed, and your yard free of leaf litter and debris. Remove any bird feeders, compost piles, or woodpiles that may attract rodents or other animals that carry ticks. Create a barrier of gravel or wood chips between your lawn and any wooded areas to discourage tick migration.
  • Hire a professional pest control service to treat your home and yard for ticks and other pests. A regular pest control treatment can help reduce the tick population around your home and prevent them from infesting your indoor spaces. A pest control service can also advise you on the best ways to prevent and control ticks in your specific situation.

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