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1st December, 2022

Keeping Fur Babies Safe from Pests

Australia is famous for its amazing fauna, especially the dangerous ones!

It is not unusual to encounter several species of animals and insects (some quite dangerous) on a daily basis. What makes it a bit of bad news is that Australian households deal with pests on a daily basis. There is always a day or two when we have to deal with pests and feeling stressed about it is just a natural reaction.

Now, who do you call? Ghostbusters? Nope.TheMrGroup has a better team for that! Our MrPestController team does not have a proton pack but is equipped with the perfect solution to get rid of these nasty pests that could be a lot more dangerous than they already are.

Going back to keeping our loved ones safe, one of the newest members of #TMGPestController, Jay, spent a day of training with Mike Davenport, our lead trainer knowing the details of running a franchise of MrPestController. The training was held at the Grand Chancellor Hotel together with five more new  franchisees. 

An amazing fact about Jay is his love for his cute, furry baby in the photo! Just look at this innocent cuddly darling wanting for the best belly rubs at head pats. Can’t get enough of the overflowing cuteness. Before we completely get lost in these puppy eyes, let’s know more about Jay. One of goals for joining the pest control industry is to keep pests from stressing out household residents, even including pets. They are not an exemption and are part of the family as well. These babies need to be protected from pests, too!

After hours of training and exchange of important knowledge, the team called it a day and Jay is just ecstatic to begin his business venture with TheMrGroup.

A warm welcome from your PestController family, mate!
We are all excited to work with you!


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