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1st December, 2022

We Make Our Own Destiny

“We make our own destiny.”

How we shape our reality is based on the decisions we make and the actions we take. That rhymed amazingly well.

On a serious note, all of the things we decide to do has something to say in our future. Whether it’s for self betterment or business, making important decisions has definitely been a game changer for all of us. We just have to take risks and be ready for whatever results they bring. Realistically speaking, not getting what we were expecting for during the first try is pretty normal. There is completely nothing wrong about it as from here comes the most amazing turnarounds! Just like all the success stories of the biggest and brightest companies locally and internationally, TheMrGroup started from a dream and has now turned into such beautiful reality. With passion, perseverance and hard work, the company has prospered and has continue to grow each passing year. 

Just recently, TheMrGroup welcomed six newest members of its PestController family. Truth be told, one of the keys to a successful business is working with brilliant people. Things will keep getting better if you choose your people wisely. Dan, one of our newest additions to the team, spent a fun day yesterday at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Melbourne for PestController training led by our iconic Mike Davenport. Mike conducted hours of training sharing important insights about PestController, the company’s history, mission and vision and all sorts of vital information to get started with the franchise. Yesterday was the first day of their training and they already learned a lot.

It was indeed a day spent wisely as Dan and the others were super hyped about this fresh métier. He already has an idea of the industry but it is also a fact that every single day offers new things to learn about. This just make things a lot more exciting as this is such a healthy avenue for growth and skill enhancement. Surely, there are still more to discover as Dan walks this path of his new business career and we are more than glad to learn with him and learn from him.

Stay tuned as awesome stories featuring Dan and the guys are coming soon. Team PestController all the way!

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