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1st December, 2022

Fresh Starts at TheMrGroup

Ever heard of the famous movie line, “Today marks a new beginning!”? I mean yeah, we all did.

Especially on those intense scenes with heroic musical backgrounds. Now, you’re smiling because you remembered a scene like this one, too. New beginnings can be a lot of things, but the most important and exciting ones are those who change our lives for good. 

Here at TheMrGroup, meeting amazing professionals to work with is a perk. From humble beginnings to establishing a remarkable reputation in the industry, we are always proud to have new additions to our still growing team. Having professionals who are filled with useful experience and outstanding expertise helps our small company become bigger and brighter. It has always been a fruitful exchange of knowledge as we share thoughts and ideas while learning from these fantastic people, too!

Just a day ago, our company had welcomed six dashing new team members to be part of TMG. One of these fantastic people is Matthew, one of Mr Pest Controller’s newest franchisees. Ready for a ride, mate? You are in! Matthew and the others spent a day at the Grand Chancellor Hotel yesterday with our ever amazing Mike Davenport who lead the training for these gentlemen.

Various topics were discussed during the training session, one of which includes how to be successful in this new journey they are about to embark. It was day well spent as it was filled with rich ideas and fun time, too.

A day of training is just one of the things that will help Matthew have a grasp of the business. Given his expertise, a lot of new discoveries and learnings will come along as he goes all the way through this new chapter of his career.

We asked how Day-1 went, Matthew said, “Amazing first day of training with Mr Pest Controller at Hotel Grand Chancellor with trainer Mike Davenport. Lots of exciting topics discussed. Very excited to start my new business as a Mr Pest Controller franchisee.”

We are as excited as you are, mate!
Welcome to TheMrGroup and we look forward to working with you every step of the way. 🙂

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