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Mouse Faeces An Indication of An Infestation?

25th May, 2021

Is Mouse Faeces An Indicator of Infestation?

Mouse faeces is the most common identifier of a probable infestation issue. The droppings usually are around their homes or places they visit often. They can be disease spreaders which means that it requires swift action.

The client had reported mouse sightings in the rear yard. Their beautiful property backs onto a park and gives the feeling of a large forest clearing.

On the rear boundary of the property is located the garden shed. In this garden shed, the technician discovered mouse faeces.

Further investigations revealed that the issue was isolated only to the rear yard. This led to an appropriate pest management plan drawn up. The plan upon discussion with the client received their approval.

The technician implemented a baiting program in the yard with consideration for the client’s dog.

We also discussed some seasonal issues that the client has experienced. The yard is a little piece of paradise with a lovely inground spa, used for twelve months of the year. The pest issue that provides the greatest concern is mosquitos during the summer months.

A management plan was discussed that included improvements to maintenance around the home. This included cleaning the gutters that were full of leaf litter as this is a possible breeding ground for mosquitos. Upon discussion, the customer agreed to the implementation of a monthly program prior to the summer.

The client, pleasantly surprised by this concept quickly agreed as her previous pest management organisation had not offered a mosquito solution.

The client has now booked us for six months to review the rodent situation and to initiate the mosquito summer program. The plan to book services for a long period of time is beneficial to the consumer in the long run.

Mouse Faeces An Indication of An Infestation?

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