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1st September, 2021

Possum Problems At A Box Hill Site

With the effects of covid reducing, we see a lot more human gatherings. Small and large parties are becoming regular again. Whether or not these are good for safety one species we know for sure doesn’t bother. Covid or no covid, possum problems always exist and they always party!

Our possum expert was called to a site in Box Hill where the tenants were not happy that possums were having a party in their ceiling on a nightly basis.

The building was a three-story apartment complex on a well-treed block. This provided easy access for the possums to the building.

Our technician placed a possum trap with an apple to tempt the possum. Upon his return the next morning he had caught a mother with her baby and subsequently released them. Before doing so, he secured the access points to the roof, ensuring that they do not return to the party with the tenants.

Upon release, both possums returned quickly to the trees to have a play and were both in excellent health.

The reason we trap them is to ensure that we do not seal them in the roof when we secure the openings.

All practices are in line with our licencing conditions and in conjunction with advice from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Possum problems can be a very regular occurrence in some areas so we recommend a regular check. If you hear any noises, Mr PestController is just a phone call away!

Possum Problems At A Box Hill Site - 2
Possum Problems At A Box Hill Site

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