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Rat Sightings Confirmed By CCTC Footage

28th June, 2021

Rat Sightings Confirmed By CCTV Footage

Ghost sightings are scary but we all know they aren’t real. What is real and scary at times are rat sightings. One interesting case, our technician came across was a rat being caught on camera by the CCTV. We have to say, a very unusual way to catch a rat.

A client in Sunbury reported seeing rodent activity on their security camera and called Mr Pest Controller to investigate.

Our technician on viewing the video could confirm that the client indeed had a resident rat. Further investigation identified rat faeces in the roof void and under the kitchen sink.

The presence of fruit trees sometimes provides rodents with a good food source and the lemon tree in the backyard was certainly providing this as the fruit laying on the ground showed significant damage from rodents.

Our plan included the placement of soft baits as it was evident that these rodents had a taste for a soft food source.

Bait was placed in tamper-proof stations and placed in the roof void, under the kitchen sink. Our tech placed another trap in the yard near the lemon tree. All activity areas were treated and we believe that future inspections will confirm a significant reduction in activity.

Rat sightings at times can be worrisome for most, but it is not a cause for immense concern. One call to Mr. Pest Controller and we get into action quickly and provide solutions efficiently.

Rat Sightings Confirmed By CCTC Footage

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