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1st December, 2022

Starting the Day with Coffee and Training

How do you start your day? For some it’s a satisfying breakfast and exercise. For some, a warm, fragrant coffee is just what they need to get the engines started.

This was one of the perks of yesterday’s training at Hotel Grand Chancellor in Melbourne. With Christmas around the corner, things have just become busier in business. Perfect timing to welcome six amazing new members to our franchise team. Good things sometimes come at the end and welcoming our new team members is the perfect way to wrap up the year. 

Jay, one of TMG’s new franchisees, participated in yesterday’s discussion about how the system works and how to be successful in this field. Here at TMG, it’s not just teaching the guys how the business works, it’s also about sharing insights that will help them step up their play in the field. The training was led by TMG’s Mike Davenport, which we’re pretty sure has become more popular by now as his name is on our recent blogs.

You deserve to be known, Mike. Woohoo! We are always proud of Mike as his expertise in the field has always helped our members maximize their capacity and be at their best. 

Mike showed Jay and the others how to use our software tools—checking booked jobs, creating invoices, writing notes, and uploading photos for the Blog Team to work on. A highlight for Jay were the tubes of TMG branded sun-screen they were all given—now they can stay sun-smart in style!

The ambience of the venue felt Chistmassy and this just made the perfect start for Jay. Getting him revved up to work with MrPestController in the coming weeks. We’ll see you in the field, Jay! Welcome to TheMrGroup!

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